Understanding Food Addiction Substance Use Disorder

Traditionally, attention has focused on the two extremes of the continuum of substance use: However, most people’s substance use does not fall into either of these extremes.  Substance use ranges across a continuum from People

I Was an Unhappy Fat Boy, Today I’m a Joyful, Thin Man

Episode 20: Michael Prager featured guest on the Food Addiction: The Problem and The Solution podcast In this episode, host Susan Branscome talks with Michael Prager, a writer and journalist in Arlington, Massachusetts. He provides

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Understanding Triggers and Cravings

What Are Cravings? Cravings are a key part of addiction awareness and recovery. They are intense feelings that make you want to use the substance again. They are driven by the desire to experience the

Tolerance and Withdrawal

TOLERANCE One of the criteria for substance use disorder is tolerance, which means that a person needs to consume more of a substance to achieve the same effects or experiences less effects with the same

Food Addiction is a Substance Use Disorder

2 Food Addiction is a Substance Use Disorder Updated: Mar 9 The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) no longer uses the terms “substance abuse” and “substance dependence.” Rather, it refers to

Risky Use

One of the criteria for diagnosing a substance use disorder is risky use. This means that you continuous use despite negative effects over own health, and reduced control over consumption, such as using the substance