Infact School Alumni Showcase: Anna María

Anna María Sigurðardóttir B.Ed. CFAP Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Graduate of INFACT March 2021 Speciality; Certified Food Addiction Professional INFACT School has given me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the disease that has

Infact School Alumni Showcase: Vanessa Kredler

Vanessa Kredler The best thing about the INFACT School for me is that I am well connected with a global network of food addiction professionals (and food addict peers). It can be lonely in a

Infact School Alumni Showcase: Clarissa Kennedy

Clarissa Kennedy Taking the INFACT course and participating in the 5 day intensive was monumental in my own personal recovery and launching my career. I had been searching to practice in a field where I

Infact School Alumni Showcase: Ernessa Bergman

My path for health has led me to the INFACT training.  I have struggled with emotional eating for most of my life.  For me personally and professionally, I have found that the relationship with food

Increase Joy during Recovery from Food Addiction

Anxiety, depression, and trauma make it challenging to pursue dopamine-boosting activities. To heal from trauma induced symptoms, it is important to face these conditions on the road to recovery. One of the most critical factors

Overcoming Food & Sugar Addiction

Is it possible to overcome Food Addiction? At the heart of recovery is self-acceptance. That is, guiding your client/patient in truly knowing their worth, adequacy, deservedness, belonging, and lovableness as a human being. Willingness is

Is My Client/Patient A Food Addict?

Does My Client/Patient Have A Food Addict’s Brain?? Genetics and lifestyle factors may indicate something akin to food addiction for a tiny percentage of the population. True food addiction can be defined as “clinically significant

Have A Client or Patient Who Is A Food Addict?

Do You Have A Client or Patient Who Is A Food Addict? These are some examples that could indicate addiction to food: When a person struggles with food addiction, there is significant impulsivity and compulsivity.

Help Your Clients/Patients Overcome Food Addiction

How To Help Your Clients Or Patients Overcome Food Addiction Are you frustrated by repeated attempts to help your client or patient develop healthy eating habits? Have you tried everything you know to assist your

How is food addiction different?

Food addiction Scientifically, food addiction is a cluster of chemical dependencies on specific foods or food in general. After the ingestion of highly palatable foods such as the brains of some people develop a physical