Life Can Be Different: Sonja Shares a Message of Hope to Fellow Food Addicts

Episode 8: I Never Imagined How Free Life Could Be

“What kind of hope would you give to perhaps the still suffering food addict compulsive overeater that might be listening?”

No matter where you’re at on your journey with food addiction, it can be different – now it can be different! Let your heart guide you. Knowing that yes, there is this very real bodily allergy that may be causing the insanity you’re feeling with food…

There are some pretty drastic things people try to do that don’t work, like gastric bypass.

Dr. Marty Lerner at Milestones in Recovery said that with gastric bypass patients their stomach is much smaller so they’re not able to eat the volumes, but they can still drink pretty heavily. If they were medicating themselves with food, and now they need something else, they can become severe alcoholics without a recovery program and support of recovering addicts – they can transfer from one life threatening addiction to another.

Bypass surgery does not cure food addiction, does not change addictive behavior, and some people turn to alcohol to replace food – not the answer to a healthy life, and danger of drastically shortening their life.

I know that’s my story if I don’t find a solution that hits at the mental, the spiritual, the physical, and emotional bodily health.

About The INFACT School The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment (INFACT School) is the world’s first and only food addiction counseling training, resulting in professional certification from an accredited certification body. Graduates qualify to receive a Certified Food Addiction Professional (CFAP) certificate from the European Certification Board and a CFAP from the The Addiction Professionals Certification Board.

This video is the 8th Episode of the podcast, Food Addiction: The Problem and The Solution sponsored by the Food Addiction Institute, produced by The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment (INFACT), and hosted by FAI Board member, Susan Branscome.

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