My Food Use and Weight was Affecting Everything In My Life

Overcoming Food Addiction: A Journey of Hope and Recovery on the latest episode of the Food Addiction: The Problem and The Solution podcast

The Struggles of Growing Up with Food Addiction

Susan Branscome, host of the Food Addiction: The Problem and The Solution podcast talks with guest Lori P., a food addict in recovery, who shares her touching narrative that began in a small town in Maine. Lori grew up in a family that ran a successful seafood restaurant, which might seem idyllic, but it presented unique challenges.

Lori’s early years were overshadowed by her sister’s health issues, which added to the family’s stress. She felt compelled to be the “good girl,” a role fraught with expectations. One of the most significant battles she faced was with her body image, triggered by a boy’s cruel remark about her weight. This led to her joining a weight loss program at just eight years old, starting a cycle of unsuccessful weight management.

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The College Years: Weight Gain and Emotional Eating

As Lori matured, her struggle with weight became more severe, peaking during her college years with substantial weight gain. She candidly spoke about her emotional eating habits and the drastic steps she took to control her weight, including purging. Despite her achievements in sports and academics, the societal pressure to be thinner and more attractive was overwhelming, damaging her self-esteem and personal relationships.

Divorce, Single Motherhood, and the Corporate Image

Lori’s personal life was not without its trials. She experienced divorce and the challenges of raising two boys on her own. To boost her confidence and manage her weight, she resorted to diet pills. Her career in the food and beverage sector added pressure to uphold a certain image in a demanding corporate world.

Coping with Loss and Finding Recovery

The loss of her mother marked a pivotal moment for Lori. The subsequent weight gain was a wake-up call, leading her to seek help through a 12-step recovery program. This became the foundation for her physical and emotional healing. Lori celebrated the victory of losing 55 pounds and keeping it off for nearly six years.

The Emotional and Psychological Battle

During the discussion, Lori delved into the emotional and psychological dimensions of her addiction. She sought validation and control over her weight as a means to feel worthy. She recognized the influence of childhood trauma and her tendency to fix others as a distraction from her own issues.

Hitting Rock Bottom and Embracing Recovery

Lori’s path to recovery started when she acknowledged the severity of her food addiction. She chose to stop self-loathing and embark on a journey of self-acceptance. Our conversation explored the importance of spirituality and a higher power in recovery, along with daily practices that sustain our progress. We also touched on the emotional and relational aspects of recovery, such as making amends and confronting emotional eating.

A Message of Hope

The episode wrapped with an inspiring message for anyone battling food addiction. Lori’s openness and the strategies offer hope to those seeking to break free from food addiction’s hold.

Lori’s experience is a powerful demonstration of human resilience and the transformative potential of recovery. It serves as a reminder that no matter the depth of the struggle, a path to a better, more fulfilling life exists. If you or someone you care about is dealing with similar issues, remember you’re not alone, and recovery is within reach.

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