A Doctor Told Me I Was Committing Suicide with Food

Once weighing 335 pounds, Lisa K. lost 150 pounds and recovered from her food addiction through treatment and ongoing 12-step work and recovery support. Early in her childhood she had a preoccupation with food and loved the sugar, fat and starch food combination. Growing up in an abusive home she learned not to feel emotions. Later as a teenager she became a food volume addict and was often teased and bullied about her weight. Despite the negative consequences including strained personal relationships, Lisa continued to eat and could not stop eating once she started, often eating secretly. On Jan 1, 2021, she saw an advertisement for Shift Recovery by Acorn ( and after a meeting, entered treatment for her food addiction. In recovery and through support she has learned to feel emotions fully and has repaired relationships as she has created the life she wants to live. What an inspirational story of recovery from food addiction!