H. Theresa Wright, MS, RD, LDN, is the Founder and Director of Renaissance Nutrition Center, in Pennsylvania where she has developed programs to help people develop the skills to make lifestyle changes that lead to freedom from food addiction and encourage a “sane approach” to eating and living. Website:  Sane Food a nutrition therapist registered and licensed dietitian and nutritionist, for more than 36 years, Theresa has helped people struggling with compulsive eating, obesity, eating disorders, weight loss, and food addiction leading them to find freedom and recovery. Growing up in an alcoholic household and witnessing the negative effects of addiction as well as the benefits of 12-step recovery have allowed her to treat food-addicted clients by counseling them on proper nutrition while addressing underlying emotional issues.  Theresa talks about the hallmarks of addiction: tolerance, cravings, and withdrawal, and says withdrawal can come with symptoms as our bodies adjust to eating differently, but they are temporary.  Once her clients become abstinent from excessive food, trigger foods, and compulsive food behaviors she helps counsel them as they emotionally disconnect from the foods they were using. She believes that our unhealthy use of food is hurtful to our minds, bodies, and spirits.   Theresa tells people who are struggling with food to not give up, there is hope to recover and live a wonderful life.