I Never Imagined How Free Life Could Be

Sonja B. has been abstinent and sober from sugar, wheat, processed foods and compulsive food behaviors including volume eating, and nighttime binges, having maintained a 100-pound weight release for 18 years after hitting bottom in 2005. She had early evidence that she used food differently than others as a child and teenager and carried 75 pounds of extra weight in high school. Sonja went into treatment for alcohol addiction and became sober at the age of 20. Her food use continued after becoming sober realizing she was using food in the same way she used alcohol, which triggered a dopamine response in her brain leading to substance addiction. Her message to fellow suffering food addicts, life can be different, and we do not need to use food to escape. We need not be imprisoned by our addiction and compulsive behaviors with food. In recovery from food addiction, Sonja works a 12-step program through planning meals, committing her food to someone, and writing. She deals with life situations by using spiritual and emotional support as she talks daily with others who share her disease. What an inspiring story of recovery from food addiction!