There Is Treatment For Food Addiction

Anna Maria S., a recovered food addict, was a child of alcoholic parents.  Her childhood was one characterized by instability and sexual abuse. Though she was not aware of the sexual abuse until later in life, once she acknowledged the abuse and processed it, she was able to deal with it.  She began to cope with life stress by using food as a solution early at the age of 7.  After many failed diets Anna Maria was desperate and weighing 286 pounds, she was on the eve of gastric bypass surgery, yet elected instead to enter a food addiction treatment program. There Anna Maria learned her food addiction disease was not her fault and decided to try another way and transformed her life into a new one. After three years of abstinence from sugar, flour, and trigger foods, weighing and measuring her food, and working a 12-step program, she has released 106 pounds.

Today she has freedom from food addiction by dealing with her life through working a program of recovery.  A long-time, self-proclaimed people-pleaser, she has learned to set healthy boundaries.

Her life has transformed into one of happiness and peace, a life she could only have dreamed of when she was using food to deal with her life.  Anna Maria loves to hike and walked 205 miles with her husband on the El Camino Trail in Spain. Tune into this inspiring food addiction recovery story!