Having struggled personally with food addiction, Amanda Leith entered a food addiction recovery program of the company she ultimately purchased and now leads, Shift, Recovery By Acorn, At Shift, Recovery By Acorn Amanda and her staff help clients struggling with food addiction to find physical abstinence and address underlying issues which produce life-changing results and freedom from food obsession. Amanda talks about the huge diet industry marketing to the public, yet diets do not work long-term for food addicts. She was a late-stage food addict and weighed 350 pounds. Her disease progressed and she was no longer eating for the effects of food, but because she had to continue to eat compulsively or face withdrawal. Today she has lived in recovery for years fully abstinent from sugar, processed foods, and volume eating while maintaining a healthy body weight. Listen to Amanda’s inspiring story of finding her own recovery from food addiction as she now uses her experience and her passion to help others find freedom from food obsession and seek recovery from this deadly disease.