TODAY! FREE! Breathwork Practices for Recovery From Addiction

You may think that breathing is just a natural and automatic process that keeps you alive.

But did you know that you can actually improve your health and well-being by changing the way you breathe?

Breathing is linked to many vital functions in your body, and by breathing differently, you can influence those functions.

Your breathing also affects the chemicals in your brain, which is why breathing can change how you feel and think.

Modern research in pulmonology, psychology, biochemistry, and human physiology is showing us that making even slight adjustments to the way we inhale and exhale can help jump-start athletic performance, rejuvenate internal organs, halt snoring, allergies, asthma, and some autoimmune disease, and even straighten spines.

None of this should be possible, and yet it is.

Breathwork therapy is a form of healing that uses breathing techniques to help you cope with physical, mental, and emotional challenges during your recovery from addiction.

TODAY: Free Breathing For Energy Webinar

Thursday, Nov 30th at 4:30 pm PT / 7:30pm ET


During the webinar I will teach you will learn the following and more:

  • The critical link between breathing and mitochondria (your cellular energy generators) — and how a specific breathing routine can supercharge them
  • Science-backed breathing techniques that optimize your brain function (decrease anxiety, balance neurotransmitters, eliminate brain fog, and protect against brain diseases).
  • How breathing practices can help you sleep like you did when you were a kid
  • How dysfunctional breathing wires your nervous system into stress/anxiety mode, and how to fix it
  • The single most powerful daily routine to get your energy back

Daily Somatic Movement & Ecstatic Breath Embodiment Practice

Awaken Your Mind-Body-Energy in this 12 minute Somatic Movement

Get out of your head and into your body as Star guides you through a healing practice that has dance and movement at the core. A blend of somatic healing, ecstatic dance and conscious free form movement, our practice brings about transformational shifts.

The synapsis happening along our neurological pathways is how messages are sent and received in our brain. Neurological pathways in our brain are established through our thoughts and our thoughts are based on our belief systems. Negative thought patterns create erroneous neural pathways which keep you in a cycle of negative thoughts and those thoughts govern how you feel, pain sensations in the body and emotional reactions.

Breath is Food for the Body and Soul

Ellen Salton Stall

Kapalabhati = “shining the skull”, is a cleansing technique for the central pranic channel, the Sushumna Nadi. The essence of this one is a series of quick, forceful exhalations through your nose, alternating with normal, automatic inhalations. It’s best done sitting, not lying down.

Breath, by journalist James Nestor.

The tome explores the million-year-long history of how the human species has lost the ability to breathe properly and why we’re suffering from a laundry list of maladies—snoring, sleep apnea, asthma, autoimmune disease, allergies—because of it.

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