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In the 7th episode of Food Addiction: The Problem And The Solution, from the International School For Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment (INFACT) sponsored by the Food Addiction Institute (FAI), host Susan Branscome, FAI Board Member, talks with Amanda Leith, Director, Shift, Recovery By Acorn.

Amanda was a late-stage food addict and weighed 350 pounds. Her disease progressed until she was no longer eating for the effects of food, but because she was compelled to eat compulsively to avoid the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms. Amanda Leith entered a food addiction recovery program and discovered the underlying issues which produce life-changing results and freedom from food obsession. Today she has lived in recovery for years fully abstinent from sugar, processed foods, and volume eating while maintaining a healthy body weight.

Amanda shares, “I had to eliminate flour and sugar from my food plan – all the foods I was addicted to. Now I weigh and measure my food. I have freedom in my mind, I don’t obsess about food. I no longer need any medication for diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure! I truly have food freedom and freedom to live my life.”

Discover how she found liberation from food obsession and now leads the transformative program at Shift, Recovery By Acorn.

About SHiFT – Recovery by Acorn

Amanda Leith is an addiction counselor, a certified food addiction counselor, FAI/ACORN certified food addiction professional and CENAPS-trained Advanced Relapse Prevention Specialist (ARPS), with a background in drug and alcohol counseling and group facilitation. She is on the board of directors for the Food Addiction Institute (FAI). Amanda is on the INFACT School Faculty.

About The INFACT School The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment (INFACT School) is the world’s first and only food addiction counseling training, resulting in professional certification from an accredited certification body. Graduates qualify to receive a Certified Food Addiction Professional (CFAP) certificate from the European Certification Board and a CFAP from the The Addiction Professionals Certification Board. Registration is open for the September, 2023 term

This video is the 7th Episode of the podcast, Food Addiction: The Problem and The Solution sponsored by the Food Addiction Institute, produced by The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment (INFACT), and hosted by FAI Board member, Susan Branscome.

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