Mary Foushi
Co-founder and Executive Director, ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services, USA.

Mary holds a degree in Human Services with a specialty in Addiction Studies. She is a food addict with over 27 years of stable recovery and is maint aining a 200-pound weight loss for over 25 years. Her strong commitment to recovery and her ability to honestly relate her personal struggles and successes with food addiction offer an invaluable source of information and hope for those seeking to learn about food dependency and freedom from a life addicted to food. She has helped thousands of food addicts understand and implement the Twelve Steps into their personal recovery. Mary is a CENAPS Trained Relapse Prevention Specialist, a certified food addiction professional, facilitates groups, workshops, and Primary Intensives throughout the United States and abroad. Mary is coauthor of Food Addiction Recovery: A New Model of Professional Support – The ACORN Primary Intensive and Food Plans for Food Addiction Recovery: A Physical and Spiritual Tool.


President of the Institute for Sustainable Weight Loss and the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions

World-renowned Food Addiction Expert, Authored seminal Food Addiction literature, Medical Director, Renascent substance abuse treatment

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, INFACT Certified Food Addiction Professional, Certified Trauma Professional

Ph.D. in Counseling and Counselor Education; Addictions, Masters; Agency Counseling

Facilitator, Chef, Teacher

PhD., and world-renowned neuroscientist, expert in diet, nutrition, and pioneer in the field of food addiction.

Guest Lecturer on the Science of Sugar Toxicity and Abuse.

Certified Food Addiction Professional, CFAP, FAI/ACORN CFAP, CENAPS ARPS, Addiction Counselor

Co-founder/Executive Director, ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services

NUTRITION THERAPIST, registered and licensed dietitian and nutritionist, MS, RD, LDN founder and Director of Renaissance Nutrition Center

M.A. Program Director of Acorn Professional Training