Introduction to the Food Addiction Professional Training (INFACT)
Event Start Date:
September 8, 2023
Event End Date:
March 1, 2024
Event Venue:
Virtual All Online Seminar and Training

The International School for Food Addiction Counseling and Treatment

Learn from the Experts!

Welcome to the International School for Food Addiction Counselling and Training (The INFACT School) – the world’s first and only training for sugar/food abuse and dependency counseling and treatment, resulting in International Professional Certification from an accredited certification body.

Graduates qualify to receive an International Food Addiction Professional (CFAP) certificate from the European Certification Board and a CFAP certificate from the USA: Addiction Professional Certification Board for citizens Addiction Professional Certification Board..

The Infact School Primary Course:  A 7-month, seminar on Food Addiction Science, Assessment and Validated Treatment Methods, to become a “Certified Food Addiction Professional.”.

  • The Primary Course: Dates for 2023-24 are September 8, 2023 – March, 2024
  • Certification Ceremony, March, 2024.


The INFACT School course description: 

Infact 2023-24 term requirements, syllabus, dates and times – INFACT