We are trained professionals and work in the field of addiction. Although many counselors are 2Hatters (in personal recovery and working professionally) they do not and should not represent any 12-Step Fellowship. As you have heard me say in the lectures, 2Hatters have not and are not schooled about the difference and therefore have contributed to the question you pose.

As trained professionals, we should be relating to our clients as just that, trained professionals. We are in «the power position», as we should be, which differs from how people relate in the Fellowships. We can sanction, terminate and manipulate our clients, which is not acceptable in the Fellowships. We have ethical standards, which do not exist in the Fellowships.

All trained professionals should adhere to theoretical constructs, and for 12-Step counselors, our theory comes from The Big Book. We apply that theory in our work and should define us. We are paid to do our work, whereas any work done in the Fellowship by a 2Hatter is voluntary. That is the short answer. Let me know if you want more 🙂

This answer was provided by Dr. Guttorm Toverud who presents the Professionals Applying the Big Book course, which is included in the Professional Certification program.

Dr. Toverud has conducted these workshops for 30 years in both Norway and Sweden. More than 10,000 people have now participated. He is a specialist in using the 12-Step model for treating substance and behavioral addictions, allowing addicted individuals to learn how to live life on life’s terms.

Guttorm Toverud has a Ph.D. in Counseling and Counselor Education with a specialty in addictions and a Master’s degree in Agency Counseling an emphasis in addictions, both from the USA. Although residing in America, he works in Scandinavia, helping clinics and public service providers establish and run 12-Step-based treatment. He also provides clinical and programmatic supervision. With a psychiatrist, he developed a model for early intervention entitled “Arriving too late… as early as possible”.