Principle 1: Non-Discrimination

Principle 2: Responsibility

Principle 3: Competency

Principle 4: Legal and Moral Standards

Principle 5: Public Statements

Principle 6: Publication Credit

Principle 7: Client Welfare

Principle 8: Confidentiality

The applicant acknowledges that the applicant is seeking certification from the Addiction Professionals Certification Board, Inc. (hereinafter “The Board”). The applicant hereby recognizes and agrees as follows:

  1. Applicant agrees to observe and abide by the Ethical Standards adopted by The Board, which may be amended occasionally. Applicant acknowledges the present form of ethical standards attached hereto and that the applicant has read and understood same.
  2. Applicant recognizes and agrees that any certification, or renewal thereof, granted by The Board to the applicant constitutes recognition by The Board that the applicant is qualified, based on the information before The Board, for the certification granted. Applicant recognizes and agrees that any certification or renewal granted by The Board does not constitute a property right or interest of the applicant. The applicant specifically recognizes and agrees that the certification or renewal is specific to suspension, revocation, or other limitation or condition at the
    discretion of The Board. The applicant specifically recognizes the authority of The Board to suspend, revoke or otherwise impose limitations, restrictions, and conditions on any certification granted.

From The Addiction Professionals Certification Board, Inc. (APCB, Inc.)