Email Subject Line: 🎧 New Podcast: It Is Possible to Have a Life Free of Food Addiction

Life Free From Food Addiction with Mary Foushi

"Living three decades in active food addiction was the hardest thing I have ever endured. Now with three decades of abstinence and recovery, I experience complete freedom from addictive cravings and obsession."

🌟In this episode, Mary bravely opens up about her battle with powerlessness over food and the secret world of addiction. 🤐 We explore not just the physical recovery, but also the emotional and mental healing that accompanies it. 💕 🤝 Join the Journey: 30 Years of Transformation 🗓️ For over three decades, Mary has followed a 12-step program, incorporating food measurement and support from others. In this episode, she shares her experiences alongside fellow recovered addicts and professionals in the food addiction treatment field. 🌈 Prepare to be inspired by Mary’s incredible story of triumph

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