Food Addiction: The Problem and The Solution

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The International School For Food Addiction Counseling And Treatment (The INFACT School) brings you the podcast, Food Addiction: The Problem And The Solution addressing the ubiquitous problems of food addiction and presents the solution.


Host, Susan Branscome, a recovered food addict, interviews guests who are professionals and counselors focused on the disease of food addiction, as well as individuals who have successfully recovered from food addiction.

The podcast will resonate with food addicts, those worried about food addiction, those dieting unsuccessfully, those desperate to learn more about food addiction and recover, as well as professionals treating and counseling clients with food addiction and medical practitioners treating patients suffering from obesity and obesity-related illnesses and issues.

3 Episodes

Latest Episodes

Food Addiction is a Brain Disease Featured guest, Esther Helga Gudmundsdottir, is a pioneer in the field of food addiction treatment and recovery. Motivated to continue to get the message out that food addicts cannot control their eating and body weight…

Host Susan Branscome, interviews a recovered food addict who shares her inspiring journey from a childhood characterized by instability and sexual abuse, and a lifetime of using food as a solution to cope with trauma and life stress. After many…

"Individuals can be predisposed to addiction through genetics," says Dr. Marty Lerner Dr. Lerner is the head of Milestones in Recovery, providing food addiction informed treatment, an INFACT School faculty member and partner, and Food Addiction Institute board member. In…