Food addicts are victims of the food industry

Tricked Into Eating More: How The Food Industry Lies To You

The food industry manipulates you into eating more and buying more of their products – this is a proven fact. Ashley Gearhardt is questioned about the addictive nature of food in this excerpt from the video. Watch the full video by Hooked on Food to discover:

        • How food companies use deceptive marketing strategies to make you think their products are healthy, natural, or low in calories
        • How food additives, such as sugar, salt, fat, and flavor enhancers, affect your brain chemistry and make you crave more of the same foods
        • How portion sizes, packaging, pricing, and placement influence your food choices and consumption
        • How to avoid falling for these tricks and make smarter decisions about what you eat and how much you eat

The video is about 53 minutes long and features interviews with experts, such as nutritionists, psychologists, and journalists, as well as examples of food labels, advertisements, and products that illustrate the points made in the video. The video is informative, engaging, and eye-opening. It will make you rethink your relationship with food and the food industry.