Food Addiction Treatment & Recovery Practicum

Clients who struggle with food addiction can join this practicum to learn about food addiction, receive support and recovery actions.


Starts 04 oct. Online Zoom class
Total of 10 four hour sessions beginning with a 3 day intensive.

Program outline

Participants participate in an 8 week outpatient treatment program. Clients will be joined by students enrolled in the INFACT Food Addiction Treatment Training Program. The Practicum will cover biology and psycology of food addiction, brain chemistry, food addiction within the addiction framework, food chemistry and triggers, stages of recovery, treatment, withdrawal, relapse, self-care actions, peer groups, recovery tools and additional resources for developing a support network for ongoing recovery.

The course begins with access to online materials and resources, followed by an Online Intensive for four hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Online group classes will be conducted via Zoom. Students/clients will work through course materials available on the online student/client platform. Each student/client will be assigned to a study group to meet with weekly.

Takeaway: Each participant receives a customized abstinence plan introducing daily practices, accountability, and support with a structured food plan, recovery actions and check-ins.

The practicum begins with a 3 day intensive, then weekly sessions, daily support and followup with a counselor, treatment material and assignments.


Assessment and Intake Interview with director Esther Helga. After submitting your application to the program, you will receive an email from Esther, inviting you for an assessment and intake interview (90min, 295$) before you can be fully accepted into the treatment program.

When you have been accepted into the program, you will receive a 24/7 access to the Moodle platform where all material for the courses are set up for you:

  • Treatment manual with reading material, excersices and assignments as well as a discussion forum for students.
  • Recordings and teaching material
  • All sessions are recorded and can be downloaded and viewed at any time
Session dates

After being accepted into the program, you will be invited to pay either with bank transfer or by credit card.

Further information on payments will be provided via email.

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