Help your clients/patients overcome food addiction

How To Help Your Clients Or Patients Overcome Food Addiction

Are you frustrated by repeated attempts to help your client or patient develop healthy eating habits? Have you tried everything you know to assist your patient in reaching a healthy weight? If so, we can help. The INFACT School is training counselors and medical professionals to treat those addicted to food.

True food addiction is a clinically significant physical and psychological dependence on high-fat, high-sugar, and highly palatable foods. This condition is distinct from binge eating or binge eating disorder, although there are similarities.

At The International School for Food Addiction Counseling And Treatment (INFACT) Certified Food Addiction Professional, you learn how to get to the root of the issues fueling food addiction so you can focus on strategies to help them experience being free from the ravages of food addiction. The goal is ultimately for them to be able to enjoy nonaddictive foods without feeling out of control.

The INFACT School’s program will provide insight into food addiction and the ability to pass this information on to your clients or patients. Our alumnis tell us that they have been able to help those clients or patients they once thought were beyond hope and that they, themselves, have experienced improved eating habits and behaviors.Take the next step to help your clients and yourself live a brand new life and register for the next term !