Amanda Leith

Addiction Counselor, Certified Food Addiction counselor (CFAP), FAI/ACORN Certified Food Addiction Professional and CENAPS-trained Advanced Relapse Prevention Specialist (ARPS)

Amanda Leith launched SHiFT – Recovery by Acorn in Spring of 2019, opening an exciting new chapter in the 30-year legacy of Acorn Food Dependency Recovery Services. A member of the Acorn team since 2015, Amanda is an addictions counselor and a recovering food addict.

Amanda’s passion for recovery from food addiction helps to produce life-changing results with her clients. Her sharp sense for what needs to be addressed first in an individual’s life in order to overcome food addiction guides her practice. The message that she brings to those struggling is one of hope.

Amanda is an addiction counselor, a certified food addiction counselor, FAI/ACORN certified food addiction professional and CENAPS-trained Advanced Relapse Prevention Specialist (ARPS), with a background in drug and alcohol addiction counseling and group facilitation at a Vancouver-based non-profit residential treatment center for women. She sits on the board of directors for the Food Addiction Institute.