How to break free from ultra-processed foods: An interview with Dr. Chris van Tulleken

What is food addiction?

Dr Chris van Tulleken, a renowned physician, academic and broadcaster, shares his insights on the dangers of ultra-processed foods.

Ultra-processed foods are those that contain ingredients that you wouldn’t normally use in your kitchen, such as artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and sweeteners. They are often packaged in plastic and have a long shelf life.

What is food addiction?

Dr Chris van Tulleken conducted a groundbreaking experiment where he ate an 80% ultra-processed diet for one month and documented the effects on his health and well-being. He discovered that ultra-processed foods not only caused him to gain weight and feel sluggish, but also increased his risk of serious diseases such as heart disease and dementia.

Dr Chris van Tulleken explains how ultra-processed foods have become the dominant source of calories for most people in the world, and how they are harming our health, our society and our planet. He also offers practical advice on how to avoid or reduce ultra-processed foods in our diet, and how to support policies and initiatives that promote healthier and more sustainable food systems.

Ultra-Processed PEOPLE

This is a must-read for anyone who cares about their health, the future of our planet, and long term recovery from food addiction. 

What others are saying about Ultra-Processed People:

“A wonderful and fascinating exposé … Reading this book will make you question what you eat and how it was produced.” – Michael Mosley

“If you only read one diet or nutrition book in your life, make it this one … In clear, humorous and informative prose, Chris lays out what ultra-processed food is and why it is the single greatest problem with modern diets.”

Ultra processed people