Infact school alumni showcase: Ernessa Bergman
Infact School Alumni Showcase- Ernessa Bergman

Ernessa Bergman


My path for health has led me to the INFACT training.  I have struggled with emotional eating for most of my life. 

For me personally and professionally, I have found that the relationship with food is a mirror to my emotional physical and spiritual body. I am a Body Psychotherapist working with People who have Diabetes Type 1 and 2, among others. I work in Tel Aviv, Israel in the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care

INFACT training provided me with professional knowledge and tools to better help myself and my clients with understanding the disease of food addiction.

I highly recommend INFACT, it is a school with professional and experienced instructors from all over the world.  The setting on Video is intimate and direct. 

Participating in the Infact School Certification Course has helped me connect to people from everywhere who share the same difficulties and have the desire to help others be educated in the world of food addiction.