Julie Clark, Singer/Songwriter

Julie Clark

Training and certification through the INFACT School gave me the knowledge and skills to begin helping food addiction clients on a professional basis. It also significantly deepened my own recovery and introduced me to a worldwide community of fellow food addiction professionals. I highly recommend INFACT training/certification for anyone committed to helping them

Ernessa Bergman

Work in Tel Aviv, Israel in the Glandt Center for Diabetes Care I have struggled with emotional eating for most of my life.  My path for health has led me to the INFACT training.  For me personally and professionally I have found that the relationship with food is a mirror to my emotional physical and…

Clarissa Kennedy

Taking the INFACT course and participating in the 5 day intensive was monumental in my own personal recovery and launching my career. I had been searching to practice in a field where I could really make a difference and this training has allowed me to do just that. I have worked in the field of…

Vanessa Kredler

he best thing about INFACT for me is that I am well connected with a global network of food addiction professionals (and food addict peers). It can be lonely in a world where food addiction is not yet recognized as a category of addiction among practitioners. I’ve been able to refer some international enquiries I get through my website to colleagues in the United States and Canada.

Anna María Sigurðardóttir B.Ed. CFAP

Anna María Sigurðardóttir B.Ed. CFAP

INFACT has given me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the disease that has troubled my
life so very greatly, food addiction. I have learnt from specialists from all over the world and each and
every one of the teachers has contributed to my understanding and managing of food addiction.
Importantly the contribution from fellow students has been rewarding and the comradeship with
others who work in this field.